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The sticky business behind Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards 2018

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Maudlyn Chinda is the Director of B & M Consultants LTD. A consultancy / training organization whose interests focus on helping people in identifying their goals; identifying and developing their talents, developing new ideas on how to run their businesses and more so how to care for and protect children, through trainings and seminars. 

Maudlyn holds a Bachelor of Education (BED) degree in English; she also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies.

Maudlyn was a College lecturer. Prior to being a lecturer, Maudlyn has gained many years’ experiences working in the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Chinda is a qualified Assessor. She holds an A1 certificate which qualifies her to train in the United Kingdom and abroad. Maudlyn is an experienced trainer; her training expertise has helped many people develop in their careers in the United Kingdom.  She has voluntarily trained people to regain confidence to go back to work and has also been sponsored by the government through The Award for All Lottery to continue the work. Maudlyn is an experienced Early Years Educator assessor (EYE), Children and Young People (CYPW) assessor, Health and Social Care assessor, Customer Service and Business Administration assessor.

Maudlyn is also a motivational speaker who has a passion for children and their families. She has travelled around the UK to speak on how to care for children and families especially in churches.

Maudlyn is part of the Focus Learning Support team who travelled to Africa for youth empowerment seminars. Her contribution was to speak on the role of effective parenting and it's impact on children.  Her team encouraged the youths to become self-employed instead of waiting on the government.

Maudlyn has also participated in ‘race for life’ in her passion to support women and some money was raised to support women with cancer.

Maudlyn is an author and her book titled ‘Child Care: The Meeting Point’  has inspired many parents and carers.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018.

MEET THE FINALISTS- Eucharia Asiegbu

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Eucharia Asiegbu is a London based  mum of five and childcare provider  who is passionate about children and making them feel happy, safe and fulfilled. She is aware that every child counts irrespective of his/her background or circumstance.She also believes that it takes a lot of love, care, sacrifice, commitment and open-mindedness to be a committed mother.

Eucharia tries her  best to ensure that she offers all children the best possible care and love as it gives her a lot of joy and contentment to see a young person smile from deep within.

Apart from being a devoted and dedicated mum who inspires, encourages and supports the children,she also takes it a step further by mentoring other mothers, fathers and carers. She supports them in positive parenting and offers advice and encouragement to help meet their needs.

The highlight of her day is when a parent expresses some relief or joy after they had spoken and his/her worries are alleviated.

Eucharia' s aim is to  continue to support the children, parents and carers within her community and beyond as she is confident of the visible positive impact she is making. She equally encourages everyone to strive to be positive role models in the society as sheunderstands that this is the best way to make a difference in the world.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/excellent-yummy-mummy-awards-2018-tickets-41245467303?ref=ebtnebtckt

MEET THE FINALISTS- Shirina Carstens

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Shirina Carstens is the founder of Beauty from within. The organisation which was founded six years ago,was birthed from a rock bottom position but one that would go on to change lives internationally.It helps people find their identity through workshops, talks and events. Shirina also is a advocate for vitiligo; she supports and mentors people with vitiligo by helping them to learn to love their skin and re-discover who they are deep down.

The mother of one was recently featured on the BBC THREE  episode called: What not to say to someone with vitiligo. She participated with the hope of bringing insight to the outside world and demonstrate how some of their misconceptions can be harmful to a person with the skin condition.

Shirina has chosen to use her life of challenges as a testimony and proof that it's not how something starts in life but indeed how it ends that's the most important.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:


MEET THE FINALIST- Claudine Collins

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Claudine is a London based YouTuber, blogger, author and founder of Natures Natural Hair. Claudine Collins is a woman on a mission to help empower women, children and men on how to care for their natural hair. She has cultivated the natural scene since 2014, and wants to have a great impact in helping others on their natural hair journey based on her own experiences as a naturalist.

Her passion truly shows through the content and work that she provides for brands. She does this by  producing articles and promoting the brands on her social media platforms. Alongside that, Claudine provides content for her own website and shares knowledge on her facebook groups.She is also a content creator for various businesses and provides knowledge on hair care. The work she provides are hair tutorials, demos, product reviews, articles and one to one hair consultations. Having two girls, who she adores; she wants to always pave the way in helping them to love themselves and appreciate who and what they are. She loves nothing more than empowering her daughters to embrace their natural hair.

Claudine is described by others as a naturalist at heart and someone with a passion for empowering women. She is a lover of people and loves connecting with them through social media;  where she draws her love for all things, fashion, beauty and hair.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:



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Ijeoma Ugbelase is a wife and mum of two. She lives in the beautiful Northern city of Sheffield. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, where she obtained her B.A in English Literature from the University of Ilorin and came to the UK in 2009 for a Masters in Human Resources at Portsmouth University and has since been living in the UK.

Ijeoma enjoys thinking of ways to help real people and how to positively change the lives of others. In 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, thankfully,she has been given the all clear. After her experience with Breast Cancer, she came to realise that we(the people,the community) can help save the lives of many other people when we take action. "It does not matter whatever we do, in whatever way and no matter how small, all that matters is that we take action today because, “tomorrow may never come”.

Hence, the reason  she set up a breast cancer initiative “I AM A SURVIVOUR (IAAS)” www.amasurvivor.org borne out of her personal experience with Breast Cancer. The aim is to help raise awareness and drive support for people and families affected by this scourge. She wants someone out there to know that when detected in the early stages and given access to the right treatment, Breast Cancer is not a death sentence as a number of people seem to think and believe...

In 2017 she organised a charity fundraising fashion show with the aim of raising awareness as well as fundraising for selected charities in the forefront of informing people about how to prevent and detect Breast Cancer early while also supporting those who already have it. It was a success and her and her team raised funds for The Willow foundation, Breast Cancer Care and Stand up to cancer Nigeria.

When she's not being a wife, mum, friend, breast cancer advocate, she enjoys shopping, travelling, supporting her community and working with children, she presently teaches the children in her local church.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:



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Carolyn Clarke is a UK based single mother of two. Like the vast majority of single parents, this had not been her plan. But she is blessed with two beautiful daughters and she is so thankful to be a mother.

She has worked for years in the NHS where she worked with a diverse community who have experienced many difficult life issues. As well as her full time work,  she also has a passion for the rights and women and girls. She is a Trustee for a community-organisation International women’s Day (IWD) Derby, which aims to improve the quality and equality of life for girls and women. She is also involved in the development of a group for women of colour which provides an opportunity to meet, connect and inspire women in Derby. This has been an exciting project and her and her team look forward to building on future events.

The wondermama is determined to make a difference to her community and she is very interested in raising the self-esteem of young girls. Cherish Me is her new business which started in 2015 and most recently started to do workshops last year.  Her workshops are geared for young girls between 7 and 12 years as she feels early intervention of self love is vital. Carolyn loves the way the girls leave with smiles on their faces and asking for the next one, that’s enough for her.

Cherish Me believes that every girl needs to be cherished and Cherish herself. Cherish Me is to inspire, motivate and raise self-esteem of girls through workshops and events. The workshops are here to encourage our young girls to identify their strengths and their passion through activities and self-affirmations. She works collaboratively with other women to deliver these workshops.

She has also published Cherish Me journals for girls that are aimed to develop their awareness of self love and get them into the practicing gratitude through journaling.

What she loves about motherhood?

"I love being a mother; it has taught me each day to look for the extraordinary out of ordinary things and to cherish those moments."

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:


MEET THE FINALISTS- Kerryanne Botibol

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After having two children and a successful career in social work,Kerryanne was in search of a better work life balance. She still wanted to achieve things for herself but in a way that fits around her family. It's fair to say that opportunities were few and far between so in January 2017 Kerryanne created The Money Saving Mummy brand. This built upon Kerryanne's love of bargain hunting and wanting to share this with others. In addition to this The Money Saving Mummy website incorporates a family and lifestyle blog, product reviews and a platform to showcase the work of other bloggers.

To date Kerryanne aka The Money Saving Mummy has a facebook following of almost 10,000 people who enjoy her bargain finds and life commentary. Kerryanne's blog post are often featured on the Huffington Post UK and shared across their social media platforms. Kerryanne is passionate about The Money Saving Mummy brand and is glad that having children gave her the push and motivation to achieve things on her own terms.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:


MEET THE FINALISTS- Jenaitre Farquharson

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"My name is Jenaitre Farquharson I am 32 year old creative. I have a degree in Fashion Marketing & communication. I am a mumprenur to my prince who is 8 years of age. I am a very creative and visual person. I have previous experience in graphic design, visual merchandising, creative consultancy and art facilitation. I also run my own personalised mug and gift printing company in my free time."


"I launched My Ebony Box last October and I started the box because I have struggled for years with judging myself on a European standard, I struggled from childhood continuing into womanhood with the battle of what I considered beautiful. One of the main issues I have experienced is for many of my adult years I have still felt unaccepted, after flicking threw endless magazines and getting samples not suited to my skin, models and celebrities who are black rarely making an appearance in society as though we do not exist. The final straw was being frustrated at the fact of how we often have to go to back alley shops, where I have experienced, lack of product knowledge and bad customer service to get my hair products because mainstream shops refuse to acknowledge that black women do exist when stocking up their hair and beauty aisles. As a black woman this has been challenging for me and many other women of colour who may have experienced this at some point in their life, leading them to question what beauty actually is. I created My Ebony Box as the UK's first unapologetic gift for us as black women to help celebrate who we are and help us look after our mind, body and soul on a monthly basis. There are many moments in life where I have needed empowerment and a reminder of the queen that I am and I would like to think I created the solution with  My Ebony Box. My Ebony Box is not about just one person it is about us all as women, I wanted to make a product that brings unity. As women, we need to be able to celebrate our beauty freely after years of being made to feel we may not be as beautiful because we aren't catered for as much as our European friends in fashion, beauty and the media. I wanted to create a movement where women could take the time out to love, appreciate and celebrate themselves."


"I suffer from Epilepsy which I developed when I fell pregnant with my son, this threw my life upside down and lead me to experience many challenges and boundaries I have never faced before. I have had to give up many jobs due to being discriminated against because of having to have restricted duties, medication risks and time off due to my disability. This has been one of the contributing issues that has helped me too now become more determined and has lead me to this path of becoming an entrepreneur that works for herself. Yes my illness has helped create some of the barriers I have experienced at certain times in my life, leading me to feel like I am not considered beautiful, not feeling enough and wanting to give up at the best of times. But entering my 30s has been a turning point for me I feel as though I have become more driven than ever to create a lifestyle that worked for myself and my family, when many previous jobs hadn't worked because of my illness. I have become more spiritual and in tune to my culture. I am also dyslexic which has previously been challenging for me when entering the business and social media world, they are worlds were you are constantly scrutinised for getting the slightest paragraph wrong. It is so important to use the correct grammar and spelling in every area of your business especially when dealing with both b2b and b2c, this has left me feeling pressured and sometime unconfident in my abilities. To overcome my fears of getting things wrong what I now do where possible is get my work proof read, take my time when writing posts, even if it does take me twice as long as everybody else. I also try not to beat myself up too much if I do make a mistake because this can affect your whole business day.


"Call it a cliche but for me this is Oprah, Oprah proves it's not where you are coming from but it is where you are going, after growing up in poverty, experiencing a troubled childhood and having many obstacles she still managed to turn her circumstances around and not let them define who she has become today, which is a successful, strong and inspirational leader. Oprah gives me life, I feel like she has helped me grow and become more confident of the woman I am becoming today, one of her famous quotes that I now keep as a mantra is: 'what I know for sure is that every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and step out and dance to live free of regret and filled with as much joy, fun, and laughter as you can stand. You can either waltz boldly onto the stage of life and live the way you know your spirit is nudging you to, or you can sit quietly by the wall, receding into the shadows of fear and self-doubt.' When in danger of falling into a negative state her spirit is one that helps to keep me positive, I still am growing as my journey continues, I never want self doubt to stop me living the life I was suppose to."


"To know that there is an award that acknowledges mums in business and some of the amazing things they are achieving is just beautiful. Your children become part of your business, I always thought you had to keep the two separate but thanks to my mentor who taught me that this can be the greatest attribute to your business having your children as a part of its growth. Your children see the highs, lows, the late nights, sacrifices, experience times when they may have to miss that special event because you are working, they have to help with day to day runnings, creating ideas and also sometimes missing out on some one to one time with you." 

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018. Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite:



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Jo Wimble-Groves is co-owner of the global award winning communications company ‘Active Digital’ which she runs with her brother, Richard. Active Digital is one of just a handful of direct O2 partners to win both partner awards for the last three consecutive years.

On a personal level, Jo has achieved a number of accolades; including The Young Guns Award for growing business and ’35 under 35’ in Management Today as seen in the Times. Aside from this, Jo is also a freelance writer with a keen interest in confidence, leadership and women in business. Many of her business articles have featured in high profile publications such as InStyle UK, Changeboard, Cosmopolitan and Guardian Careers.

As a keynote speaker, Jo runs a series of events and talks designed to encourage and help women with confidence and to help them step up into more senior business roles. As a regular speaker in schools, Jo’s aim is to encourage and inspire the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Jo tailors each talk to suit the needs and ages of her audience.

And finally, Jo writes a parenting and lifestyle blog called ‘Guilty Mother’ which she started in January 2016 and is now read and enjoyed by her 41,000 followers. www.guiltymother.co.uk

 We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 10th March 2018.

Tickets for the award ceremony are avaialble via eventbrite: