Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards
Celebrating mothers of excellence


Our Vision

Celebrate, support and empower mothers.

Our mission is in three folds; to celebrate, support and empower mothers in order for them to continue to flourish and excel. We celebrate and recognise mothers via our annual award ceremonies and monthly wondermama blog posts. We support mums by partnering with and aiding them in their business ventures.  In addition we have a Facebook group(Excellent Yummy Mummy Group) where mothers promote their businesses and support each other. We are UK registered, UK based but our vision and outreach is global. 


EYM/ EYMA has been the brain child of founder Kafy Shiyne since 2013, but was officially launched in July 2016. 

Not just awards but a networking and empowerment group

Lastly we empower by hosting workshops and seminars for mothers to better equip themselves. Whether they want to start a business,prepare for going back to work or simply just network with other mothers. The EYM club comprises of a group of mothers,from all walks of life,networking supporting each other in all endeavours. From meet ups, organising events which benefit the children and family  to patronising each others businesses, and fundraising for worthy and relevant causes. Check out our events page for upcoming meet ups.