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MEET THE FINALISTS: Vicky Winstanley

Posted on 16 January, 2019 at 5:30 Comments comments (5)


Blogger and business woman Vicky, 38, from Lancashire, is no stranger to adversity that has challenged her over the years, but her positive attitude to life does not keep her down for long.

Having been in an abusive relationship in her teens and early twenties, losing both parents, going through divorce, losing a business and also faced with having two auto immune conditions (Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Chronic Migraines and being an official small person at only 4ft10), Vicky uses her platform online to show that no matter what life throws at you, you can always find the funny side. Using humour and real life experiences, Vicky connects with her global audience across all platforms of social media and has grown her brand, The Motherhood, from what was once a MySpace page and live journal, to becoming an award nominated blog and marketing business.

Vicky, who home educates her 12 year old son, does so in a diverse way, using the blogging experiences and brand partnerships to turn every day goings on into educational challenges. It may come in the form of a travel opportunity or a product to play test – whatever it is, Vicky makes sure that there is an educational element in all of her work.

Passionate about charity work and giving back to those in need, Vicky works with a number of charities to provide social media advice and guidance free of charge, as well as gifting whatever blogging and marketing products she can to good causes over the festive season to help families and children in need. Vicky also provides marketing advice and guidance to other local businesses and uses her skills to network businesses throughout Lancashire and beyond.

The Motherhood is a multi platform social site, connected via the main blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other platforms, each reaching a different demographic. The Motherhood has view points from her son, her partner and even the family cats get a voice too-with their own Instagram and Facebook pages!

Vicky is currently writing her first novel about the hilarious side of online dating as a single mother with true story accounts of some of the best and worst dates she has experienced over the years.

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 30th of March 2019.

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Ibiyemi Alabi is the head designer of Kaft Trendz and the founder of Passion For African Fashion ( PAFASH). A multi-award winning  fashion designer and stylist. After years of studying and working with Bsc Economics and MBA (Financial Management), she decided to bring all her experience towards a new venture. Ibiyemi started Kaft Trendz in 2013 with a passion to help modern fashionistas, individuals, social fashion cravers stand out uniquely when wearing her brand. Kaft Trendz is a multiple award winning brand of African inspired, cultural and ethinc clothing. A quintessential brand reflecting a modern blend of bold prints, colour and style with the aim to renew a sense of pride in the African culture and the confidence in expressing who they are. She is constantly improving on her designs ,a business attitude which has clearly positioned her as one of the best fashion entrepreneurs in UK.

Ibiyemi made history when she organised the very first African fashion event in Liverpool. She believes African inspired fashion is not a trend it's here to stay... She's passionate about promoting the African fashion industry as a whole and wants to see the industry thrive hence she founded Passion For African Fashion (PAFASH) .

PAFASH was launched August 2018 to promote, educate and highlight Africa's creative industry.. A platform for emerging and high-end established designers to showcase their creativity to a large global audience whist connecting to buyers and stockists..

The event is a combination of catwalk and Trade Show which provides the opportunity for African fashion designers and entrepreneurs to market their products as well as learning their market accordingly and the ever changing consumer needs hence creating opportunities for business development..

We can not wait to celebrate this inspirational mother on the 30th of March 2019.

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MEET THE HOST-Jenni Steele

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Award Winning Jenni Steele is our host this year and we are really excited!

Jenni is a mother, glamma (grand mother) ,author,youth practitioner, media personality and National Ambassador DVUK.

With her British Caribbean upbringing, Jenni understands the true meaning of overcoming adversity and has used her life lessons to make a difference to the world – she is a woman who lives her life out loud.

After surviving domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni found her strength and escaped from her turmoil. She made a promise to herself to not only rebuild her life and recognise her own self-worth but to also support others who were living with abuse.

Today, she is a qualified practitioner in early intervention and prevention of abuse. The founder of YANA Project a 121 outreach service that works with multi agencies to support high risk young people who are at risk from domestic violence at home, unhealthy relationships, child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Project YANA (You Are Not Alone)

YANA Project aims to work with young people who have directly been affected by gang related violence, sexual grooming, exploitation, domestic violence and abuse. They are also one of our supporters this year; their aim ties well with our theme of self-love. 

The long term purpose of the program is to help  young people to recognise and accept their self worth, build their confidence and recognise situations that pose risk and reduce the long term harm.

Jenni was our co-host last year,she is an experienced presenter and knows how to keep the audience engaged. 

Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards 2019 is one not to miss. Join us as we celebrate the bedrock of society.

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We will also like to take this oppotunity to wish you an amazing New Year!

Wondermama Wednesday- Susan Croox

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Brave,resilient,God-fearing and excellent yummy mummy Susan Croox is our wondermama of the month. Susan is a Chicago based blogger, wife and mum of three. 

Susan's Glorious Mom blog is a platform she uses to inspire,motivate and share with other mums what has helped(and is helping) her on her journey.

This courageous mother's current battle with cancer hasn't stopped her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018 with two years life expectancy.It slowed her down but it hasn't and will not stop her. She shares her transformation and journey(on social media and on her blog), as she is currently going through treatment.


"When you’re suffering in the middle of tremendous blessing, perspective is more important than ever. And comparing myself to people who have it harder than me isn’t helpful. The only thing I can do is what we all need to do - enjoy my blessings in the here and now and focus on the positive. Also, I’ve discovered when I’m at my worst, praying for others (and for God to send revival) makes me feel a lot better. It’s not about me ."


 "Maintain contentment and joy in life despite its imperfections."

We are indeed inspired by Susan Croox's bravery,positive spirit and faith. We hope you are too!

To find out more about Susan,visit http://www.gloriousmomblog.com


Nominations for EYMA 2019 are now open, do not forget to nominate that inspirational mother: http://www.eymawards.com/nominate

Wondermama Wednesday- Michelle Robinson

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Passionate, authentic,courageous and excellent yummy mummy Michelle Robinson is our wondermama of the month. The mother of three and a former triple jumper, represented Great Britain for nearly two decades and has competed at all the major championships (European Championships, Commonwealth Games,World Championships and the Olympic Games).

Her sporting highlights are representing GB at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and being the first woman to jump over 14 metres in the Commonwealth.

Having established herself as a personal trainer in 1999, the transition into the ‘real world of work’ was a smooth journey once she retired from athletics in 2006.

Over the last decade this wondermama has combined her passion for helping people to achieve their physical goals with lifestyle coaching and mentoring, offering a holistic service to those who feel they would benefit. During this time, there has been a steady stream of corporate and individual clients who have been added to her growing resumé.


"Motherhood is an Olympic challenge! Yes, I will liken my Olympic journey to motherhood. It's full of many ups, downs,tears, tantrums,having to make sacrifices and facing challenges on a daily basis."


"It doesn't matter if you are Jessica Ennis-Hill or Michelle Obama; you still need  a support system around you. We are all in the same motherhood boat together and we all need each other to stay afloat"

Wondermama Wednesday-Lucy Kalanithi

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Here at EYMA  we love to celebrate a mother's strength and  resilience, particularly in the face of adversity.

Our wonder mama this month embodies all the aforementioned. Dr Lucy Kalanithi is intelligent, brave, resilient and an excellent yummy mummy who is a medical doctor, widow and mother to an adorable little girl. She is based in Stanford Carlifonia,USA.


Her entrance into motherhood was a tragic yet beautiful one. Bitter and sweet. The decision to try for a child while her husband was dying of lung cancer wasn't an easy feat;

"We both had the instinct to do it but were both worried about the implications for the other one. I feared it might make his death so much more painful if he had to say goodbye to a child. But he said: “Well, wouldn’t it be great if it did?” His view was that life wasn’t about avoiding suffering, it’s about making meaning. It was obviously a big risk to have a child, to invite more uncertainty and possible pain in to our lives, but it was the best decision I ever made," explained the wonder mama.

Her late husband, neurosurgeon Paul wrote a bestselling memoir(When breath becomes air) which she had to finish wiritng after his death. This  is a great testatment to Lucy's strength in the face of tragedy and uncertainty. 

"I  wrote the epilogue as I recognised that the story was unfinished and I knew that if Paul himself could have described the way he died then he would have done. I wrote it two months after he died, which was a very raw time and it was actually really helpful and I was so glad to have that opportunity."

Lucy  has since found love after the death of her husband in 2015. She met and fell in love with a lawyer and fellow widower- John Duberstein a couple of years later . They now share three children between them, John's two boys (10 and 8 years old) and Lucy's daughter (3 years old).

Advice to other women/mothers

Things turn out best for those who make the most of how things turn out.

Wondermama Wednesday-Salama Mohamed

Posted on 4 July, 2018 at 4:20 Comments comments (1)

Beautiful,inspirational , ambitious and excellent yummy mummy Salama Mohamed is our wondermama of the month. The 30 years old  wife and mother of two is from the United Arab Emirates.

Salama suffers from a condition called vitiligo, a condition which causes loss of skin color in the form of depigmented, or white, patches of skin in any location on the body. She has patches on her eyelid, hands and feet. Although she was raised by supportive and loving parents,the condition was a major source of insecurity for her growing up. That was of course until she decided to own her imperfections, be a blessing and enjoy the many blessings she has been given.

"We all have insecurities, I choose to wear mine proudly," Salama explains. 


Salama is the foundr of Pearl by S, an online jewelry store that sells a unique and modern fusion of seawater and freshwater pearls along with (18K and 21K) gold at affordable prices.

As for the inspiration for the brand Salama explains, “I’ve always loved pearls. My grandfather, my mother’s father, used to be a pearl diver so the appreciation for them runs in the family. I decided to launch my own collection as I couldn’t find ones that were affordable and that you could wear every day without feeling like you’re in really expensive jewellery.”

Pearl By S aims to celebrate something deeply connected with the Emirati culture, as well as fuse the traditional with the modern. 

She is also an humanitarian- she is passionate about helping Rohingya refugees to survive the monsoon season.


Salama admits that juggling between family and business responsibilities can be difficult. However, organising your time and prioritising your duties can make things work.


Own your insecurirties; do not let them own and thus llimit you.

Wondermama Wednesday-Susanne Bateman

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Tenacious,brave, hard-working and excellent yummy mummy Susanne Bateman is our wondermama of the month.  Susanne is europe´s leading negotiation strategist for joint ventures and partnerships. The mother of two, real estate investor, serial entrepreneur  and author of "The Thank you Divorce" is based in Switzerland.

Her aforementioned book was born out of her personal pain of going through a separation/divorce. In the book she gives practical advice on how to co-parent effectively with your ex and ways to help the transition go as smoothly as possible for the children.

"When families break down, you may benefit from great lawyer who may act in your best interest at first, but then what you need most is finding a way to break up and implement new boundaries without causing undue friction and how to best help your children be children," explained the resilient mother.


Susanne credits her negotiation skills in part to her daughters:

"We mothers are so lucky - we get free negotiation training every single day.

I say, 'It's time for bed.'  But my girls say, 'I am not tired, I will go later.' I am aware of the psychological effect of simply saying the word  'no'  and the 'just do it because I say so, I am your mother!' So, what do I do? Give in? Blow up? Or — negotiate?

I am human. When I mess up, I apologize to my kids, no excuses. The other day my four year old and I had an emotional argument. She apologized for saying hurtful things. I apologized for saying things I don’t mean to which she smiled and said:“ That’s life“. And she is right."

Advice to mothers/women

If you are going through a divorce, or a painful situation; don't run away from  your pain, go through it and therein lies your purpose. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The fierce mother is motivated by change and is passionate about transforming people's lives through the art of negotiation. 

To find out more about Sasanne and her upcoming programmes visit: www.thankyoudivorce.com

Wondermama Wednesday-Ellen Brudet

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Trailblazer,fun, hard-working and excellent yummy mummy Ellen Brudet is our wondermama of the month. The 51 years old, Amsterdam based mother of two (29 and 14 years old) is the founder of Coloured Goodies.

Coloured Goodies  is the first black doll gift shop in Europe. The aformentioned is something that Ellen is really proud of, and quite rightly so.


Ellen decided to take a leap of  faith by opening her shop in February 2016 . She was inspired by the stuggle her Dutch mother and her Surinamese father faced trying to get her a doll that looked like her when she was growing up.She wants black girls to be able to find and play with toys that they can identify with. She has since then been featured on the Black Women in Europe Powerlist 2016.

In addition, one of her dolls recently garnered a lot of attention due to popular rapper The Game, who's daughter  was given one of her vitiligo dolls (which was inspired by model  Winnie Harlow). The rapper gave the doll and Ellen rave reviews on social media.

This conscientious mother does not only have black dolls(in all shades), vitiligo dolls; she also has ones with Albinism.

Ellen's goal is to continue to expand her creativity, diversity and continue to grow from strength to strength.


"Whatever you are doing in life, think about the legacy you'll leave behind and always stay true to yourself."

To purchase a doll or find out more about Ellen and Coloured Goodies, visit: www.colouredgoodies.nl

Wondermama Wednesday-Keaira LaShae

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Hard working, multifaceted, fun-loving and excellent yummy mummy Keaira Lashae is our wondermama of the month.

With over 40 Million views and over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube, the wife, mother of one, music and fitness star has definitely made a name for herself in the fitness and music industry. As an independent artist she has worked with everyone from Cee-Lo Green and Miguel, to the Grammy Award-Winning producers and songwriters who have worked with Usher, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z.


After hosting her own online dance fitness series “Move” to over 2.5 million members on DAILYBURN.COM for whom the certified fitness trainer and kickboxer was one of the lead spokespersons for, Keaira opened her own online fitness and nutrition site, MOVE more than three years ago.

Her hard work, popularity and dedication earned her features in The New York Times, Essence, Women’s Health, and Shape Magazines just to name a few along with major television networks such as BET, NBC (The Voice), Fox, and many more! It also landed her into filming her own DVD series called “Burn to the Beat” with LionsGate Be Fit and is set to do more projects with them in the near future.

Using her growing fan base and musical platform, Keaira LaShae opened her own dance studio, Street Beatz where she worked with choreographers for artists such as Usher, Chris Brown, Pitbull, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and also with notable productions such as “America’s Best Dance Crew” (ABDC), “World of Dance”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

In 2011, the Tampa Florida born decided to move to Los Angeles in order to further her music and fitness career. Since that move Keaira LaShae has been building a cult-like following with her rabid fan base. Keaira LaShae also has a passion to work with non-profit charities including those involving stopping gun violence. She has a deep passion for animals, fashion, cooking, and even created The Superhero Fitness Meal Plan located on her website KeairaLaShae.com along with her music, dance and fitness videos. She has also recently become an author with the release of her Ebook, tittled Stepping into your confidence.


Keaira's journey into motherhood was not easy. She suffered multiple miscarriages before having her beautiful daughter. She opened up and shared her testimony in late 2016. During her fertility struggles, she felt like motherhod wasn't for her, she was depressed and felt as though she had failed her husband. She also noted that mothers day and fathers day were really though during that season in her life. 

Now at the age of 31, she has a beautiful daughter, mulitple thriving businesses, a loving husband and a supportive family.

She sites her mother as a shining support system in her life. Her mother encourages her to move forward and push harder.


"Confidence is something you shouldn’t be afraid to work hard for.Be BOLD, Be FEARLESS, Be CONFIDENT!!"

For her latest book visit 


or to join her online gym visit: https://ifyoucanmove.com/