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Wondermama Wednesday-Susanne Bateman

Posted on 6 June, 2018 at 4:45

Tenacious,brave, hard-working and excellent yummy mummy Susanne Bateman is our wondermama of the month.  Susanne is europe´s leading negotiation strategist for joint ventures and partnerships. The mother of two, real estate investor, serial entrepreneur  and author of "The Thank you Divorce" is based in Switzerland.

Her aforementioned book was born out of her personal pain of going through a separation/divorce. In the book she gives practical advice on how to co-parent effectively with your ex and ways to help the transition go as smoothly as possible for the children.

"When families break down, you may benefit from great lawyer who may act in your best interest at first, but then what you need most is finding a way to break up and implement new boundaries without causing undue friction and how to best help your children be children," explained the resilient mother.


Susanne credits her negotiation skills in part to her daughters:

"We mothers are so lucky - we get free negotiation training every single day.

I say, 'It's time for bed.'  But my girls say, 'I am not tired, I will go later.' I am aware of the psychological effect of simply saying the word  'no'  and the 'just do it because I say so, I am your mother!' So, what do I do? Give in? Blow up? Or — negotiate?

I am human. When I mess up, I apologize to my kids, no excuses. The other day my four year old and I had an emotional argument. She apologized for saying hurtful things. I apologized for saying things I don’t mean to which she smiled and said:“ That’s life“. And she is right."

Advice to mothers/women

If you are going through a divorce, or a painful situation; don't run away from  your pain, go through it and therein lies your purpose. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The fierce mother is motivated by change and is passionate about transforming people's lives through the art of negotiation. 

To find out more about Sasanne and her upcoming programmes visit:

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