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Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards

            Celebrating mothers of excellence




Posted on 12 February, 2022 at 13:20


  • NOMINATION CATEGORY: Excellence In Creative Arts & Inspirational Mother Of The Year


 Esther Palmer, is a single parent of five wonderful & beautiful children of which one of them is a teenager living with wheelchair bound severe disabilities.

Being a single parent with a child with special needs is very challenging and can sometimes been very depressing for Esther. Her son has had about 16 surgeries and is still waiting to have more in the future, however, in all as a caring mother, Esther will never trade him for anything else.


Esther is a woman of many parts striving to make her mark on the sands of time.


She is also a comedienne, an adult couple relationship coach and a motivational speaker, in addition to also being a marriage and children/teenager counsellor.

Esther decided to go into acting to showcase her alter ego which she developed as a comedienne, the hidden talent that she never thought she had. It helps brings out the comic art in her, though as an old woman, a drama queen by the name of Iyalabule (a village woman).


The mother of five is also into advocacy against child abuse, rape, domestic violence, less privileged and people living with disabilities.


Esther also grooms people on how to fight poverty by saving a token. *

What can a Token do for you?* is a project she set up to encourage people on the benefits of saving no matter how little, in order to upgrade and better themselves.




We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on the 12th March.


Early bird tickets are available here :

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