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Shady Blue is an Afrocentric Soul Singer, who has been crafting her unique style comparable to Alicia Myers, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Regina Belle, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and many others. Her style is a fusion of Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk & Afro-Beat – this blend of sound defines Shady Blue (the Queen of Afrocentric Soulful Jazz). In summary, Sade Aboderin popularly referred to as Shady Blue is a prolific Singer-songwriter, Inspirational writer/speaker & Entrepreneur, Shady Blue is one of the hottest talents to emerge from the UK music scene and based in London. Her unique vocal style blends the best of Soul/R&B/Jazz and Afro sound (her native African sound) forming music that will truly inspire a generation – Afrocentric Soulful Jazz. She continues to team up with various producers such as Dapo Torimiro on a song Fliptyce on songs like and Freshvdm on songs like Have it All and songwriters to create new unique sounds leading to a symphony of beautiful Afro-centric soulful jazz sound. Shady Blue the Afrocentric Soul Queen, A hardworking British-Nigerian singer who came from an illustrious family but yet had a humble background and fended for herself since age 12. She worked her way through the ladder of life to establish her pedigree as a sonorous musician, mother, professional consultant, entrepreneur and an icon of the African ethos of “Ise logun ise” (hard work is the antidote to poverty and lack).

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