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Kayleigh Oliver is a mum of 2, a multi award winning small business owner, senior technical leader with deep expertise in building and shipping consumer facing products. Her experience covers development and testing for web, games, cloud services, mobile, and virtual reality apps over 14 years within award-winning tech companies. Currently, she works as a Chief Technology Officer for a financial tech company. She has been featured in both Forbes and the Financial Times, a finalist for the UK Black Tech Achievement Social Good 2020 award, named one of fifty most Inspiring Women in Tech in the UK 2021, and won the Precious Awards Leadership award 2021. Kayleigh is also the founder of the app development company Junction 5 Studios. Junction 5 aims to build unique applications that create a positive impact on the lives of its users. As well as developing her own IP, since incorporating, Junction 5 has worked with a number of charities, non-profits, and small businesses aligned with its mission. One of which was Peace Child International where Junction 5 developed a prototype of the Ishango app. The app utilised image-based training to build business skills for women with limited literacy skills in Liberia and Sierra Leone to manage their stock and business finances. Because of her first-hand experience being a minority in the tech space, Kayleigh is passionate about helping and encouraging women and other black individuals into the tech industry. She started this by sharing on her own website, guest posting, and speaking at events. She intends to use Junction 5 to help further this cause with her latest project, the Figures of Black British Society (FOBBS), an educational resource to learn about Black British figures both historical and current-day leaders. FOBBS is intended to be a comprehensive, educational resource to learn about Black British figures both historical and current-day leaders. With this app, exposing the great achievements of Black Britons, she hopes to help inspire the next generation to dream bigger, be better, and achieve whatever they want. She is currently working very closely with schools in London to do initial tests on the app which will be soft launched Q1 2023. Although doing all of this can be tiring sometimes, Kayleigh is determined to set a good example for her children. She wants to instil in them that they can run their own business if they want to. That working for others is a choice. And that putting in the small effort daily, can lead to big things.

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